Virtual Virtuoso is a 2D puzzle/rhythm game that helps you learn to read and play music. You are challenged to memorize the notes of real songs while playing along to them, progressing through the game unlocking songs of varying difficulty, from Hot Cross Buns to Für Elise. Learn to play in every sense of the word as you become a more refined musician and purveyor of the musical arts.

This project is a video game developed over the course of nine months — in collaboration with Simon Fraser University ("SFU") — by a small team of students at the Art Institute of Vancouver.

The purpose of the project is to contribute to a study conducted by SFU regarding the effects of video games on the cognitive faculties of older adults aged over 55 — who are, in effect, the game's target audience.

What I Did (technical Design)

What I Did (Game Design & Miscellaneous)

  • Helped conceptualize potential features, mechanics, and experience
  • Iterated on gameplay based on target market feedback
  • Helped write design documentation
  • Constructed the note charts for all songs

Key Features

  • Learning Made Fun! The main point of Virtual Virtuoso is to make learning to play music and read sheet music a fun, enjoyable experience, achieved through settings that allow you to fully customize your playstyle.
  • Play at Your Own Pace! Manipulate the playback speed of songs and choose a tempo that best suits your ability and comfort level.
  • Customize Your Experience! Spend Bank Notes earned during gameplay to buy new looks and sound sets for the piano using the in-game Marketplace.

Relevant Documentation