The Sol Map Pack is a map pack for Star Wars Battlefront II that adds maps set on various planets and moons throughout our Solar System to Instant Action. Both stock eras include new sides with enhanced visuals and sounds, as well as new hero units. Also supports the Mass Effect era if installed.

What I Did (Level Design)

  • Played a part in designing and building of all 5 maps:
    • Earth: Pioneer Trails – entirely my own original work
    • Mars: Geryon Montes – original design my own work, co-developed with member of team
    • Earth: Luna – entirely my own original work
    • Venus: Research Station – not my own work, but kept watchful eye to ensure it adhered to the project vision
    • Titan: Xanadu – not my own work, but played a large part in finishing it and ensuring it adhered to the project vision
  • Handled all Lua scripting aspects of all maps including implementing support for the Mass Effect era

What I Did (Game Design & Miscellaneous)

  • Shipped the first release by a deadline in concert with the fifth release of Mass Effect: Unification
  • Managed a small team of four to ensure a streamlined and uncluttered development process
  • Managed entire creative direction and project vision
  • Created many unique environment art pieces in Softimage XSI for Earth: Pioneer Trails
  • Support the community on all fronts by responding to all user questions and feedback

    Accolades & Achievements


    • 5 new maps set on Earth, Luna, Mars, Titan, and Venus
    • Support for the Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War, and Mass Effect era
    • New Battlefront: Evolved-esque sides, meaning gameplay and layouts stay the same, but models/textures/SFX/PFX have been changed/upgraded to fit the map pack's theme
    • An eerie ambient soundscape that supplements each map's music (except Earth: Pioneer Trails), unique to each map
    • Several new hero units, including but not limited to Rahm Kota and Asajj Ventress
    • Game mode support for Conquest, 1-Flag CTF, 2-Flag CTF, and Hero Assault (note: game mode availability varies from map to map)
    • New Hero Assault soundtrack, set to selections from The Planets, Op. 32