Mass Effect: Unification is a total-conversion mod for Star Wars Battlefront II that adds the Mass Effect era to Instant Action. As of the latest release, the player can fight as the Systems Alliance, the Heretic Geth, the Collectors, or the Evolved Geth on 6 new custom maps, all of the stock maps, and all maps from the Sol Map Pack.

" Fantastic attention to detail in map layout and unit design [...] Did you enjoy Mass Effect? Get this. Never played Mass Effect? Get this. Do you like mods? Get this. "PC Gamer logo

" The Mass Effect: Unification mod [...] is an absolute masterpiece. [...] It changes the very way you play Star Wars Battlefront II. [...] This one is a definitive download for all fans of Mass Effect. "BattlefrontJDgamer

" Man, this is awesome! They have like, all the guns and everything! "Kootra

" This mod is awesome! [...] I'm having a blast [...] and I don't even know anything about Mass Effect! "Lasercorn

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  • 6 new Mass Effect maps: Eden PrimeVirmireFeros, Noveria, Aeia and Europa, including support for all stock land maps and all maps from the Sol Map Pack
  • 4 new factions accumulating 25 new unit classes
  • 9 new hero classes
  • Significantly improved game modes, including Conquest, 1-Flag CTF, and 2-Flag CTF
  • 1 new game mode: Siege mode
  • Authentic sound effects and music accurate to the Mass Effect franchise
  • A massive amount of specially hand-crafted assets specifically tailored for this mod
  • An external app that the player can use to tune various in-game parameters such as desired faction combination, HUD/shell style, gameplay difficulty, Shepard class, and more

What I Did (Level Design)

  • Designed 4 of the 6 custom levels: Virmire: Trenches, Feros: Prothean Skyway, Europa: Vostok Station, and Noveria: Compound
    • Spearheaded the design of each level, basing their visual style on existing Mass Effect locales (excluding Europa) while also applying own original touches
    • For Virmire and Feros, built virtually all art assets from scratch
    • Noveria was a conversion of the game's Polis Massa based on a consensus that the map needed a design overhaul

What I did (Technical Design)

  • Spearheaded Lua scripting of all new game systems, including but not limited to:
    • Low-health system that provides audio and visual feedback to the player when their health is low
    • Hit marker system that provides audio feedback to the player whenever they hit an enemy with a firearm
    • Lua-scripted weapon that saps an enemy's health/shields and gives it to the attacker
    • File I/O system that reads parameters set by the user in the Configuration Utility
    • MapManager system that simplifies and standardizes the process of adding the Mass Effect era to new maps
    • "Levolution" event (inspired by Battlefield 4) in stock map Tantive IV as proof of concept

What I did (Game Design & Miscellaneous)

  • Shipped a total of six releases of the mod to-date, with each iteration improving the overall quality and polish of the mod and adding content to it
  • Managed a dynamic team that has ranged from 3 to more than ~15 designers/artists over the years, working closely with them to ensure all aspects of the mod stayed in-line with the Mass Effect IP while retaining fun and original gameplay
  • Collaborated with artists to overhaul the visual quality of the game’s stock maps to match the mod’s quality
  • Built all custom particle systems for the mod, including but not limited to:
      • Explosion effects
      • Tech/biotic/combat power effects
      • Environmental effects (e.g., dust, smoke)
      • Firearm impact effects
      • Support the community on all fronts by responding to all user questions and feedback and troubleshooting when needed
      • Created countless new Mass Effect fans by inspiring/persuading gamers, through my mod, to give the Mass Effect trilogy a shot