Europa: Vostok Station is a single-player campaign level for Mass Effect: Unification, a total-conversion mod for Star Wars Battlefront II. In order to win and complete the mission, the player goes through a series of objectives ranging from killing waves of enemies to securing areas and objects.

The level's highest focus is wave-based combat built for third-person shooter gameplay. Every single area containing combat has a unique layout of cover, tailored specifically to match the area's theme and purpose within the game world.


  • New wave-based combat system that introduces play styles different from traditional Battlefront campaigns
  • Fully-voiced, thirty-minute campaign mission, written in the style of a side mission from a Mass Effect game
  • New immersive cinematic system that brings everything together to create an authentic Mass Effect experience

Story Premise

A team of humans tasked with researching the Jovian moon Europa’s marine life accidentally uncovered a Prothean artifact buried deep beneath the ice in Europa’s vast oceans. Once word of the artifact reached the geth in the Perseus Veil, the geth mobilized their troops to the Sol System and launched an attack on the Vostok Station, the research facility out of which the scientists operated. The Systems Alliance quickly learned about the geth’s attack and is now responding with aggression to drive out the geth and secure the artifact.

Relevant Documentation

What I Did (level Design)

  • Conducted research on existing NASA missions (in planning) to Europa; based much of the narrative and creative direction on it
  • Designed entire level with wave-based and cover-based combat in mind, and with exploration beats highlighted throughout
  • Worked very closely with voice actor and wrote dialogue script for “mission commander” character to produce high quality VO to enhance the experience
  • Wrote all design documentation: level design document, target references document, prop manifest (art bible)

What I did (Technical Design)

  • Built new game systems (based on existing systems) with Lua scripting, including but not limited to:
    • Cinematic system that allows designers to set up "chains" or "sequences" of shots with ease.
      • The designer places a series of camera objects in the level, then via scripting sets up the shots associated with the cameras.
      • The designer can specify each shot's duration, zoom, camera assignment, and a sound effect or stream to play when the shot is activated (or after a specified delay).
    • Wave-based combat system that allows designers to set up sequences of waves.
      • The designer can specify each wave's enemy classes to spawn, the amount to spawn, where to spawn them, and much more.
    • SmartSpawn system that works around the game's lack of a balanced spawn system.
      • The designer sets up a combat area with a trigger region that encompasses half the area, a spawn path in one half, and another spawn path in the other half.
      • The player and their squad spawns from the spawn path located inside whichever half of the room the player is in, and enemies spawn from the other path — which is updated in real-time based on whether the player is inside or outside the trigger region.