Hi there! I'm Aaron Gilbert: level designer, technical designer, and creator/project leader of the Mass Effect: Unification and Sol Map Pack mods for Star Wars Battlefront II. Some also know me as "Marth8880" in my online presence. I'm that weird lookin' fella' on the right if you're on desktop, on the bottom of the page if you're on mobile, or nowhere if you can't view images because you're somehow still on dial-up.

Currently a Gameplay Scripter working with several award-winning game developers on an ambitious new game called EVERYWHERE.


Click on one of the formats below (PDF or DOCX) to view or download my résumé.

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You can reach me by e-mail or on LinkedIn. If you wish to contact me by phone, you may request my private number via either of the aforementioned means.

" Oh dear god how did you get in here "

" Oh dear god how did you get in here "